How to Deal with an Asthma Attack

Dealing with a severe asthma attack can be a frightening experience. If you are the one who is experiencing asthma attacks or someone you know does, the best way to go is to seek immediate medical help. While waiting for their arrival and you are left alone to fend for the sufferer, here are some of the things that you need to remember and do. Take note that this should is not to be treated as actual medical advice.

You have to immediately determine whether the sufferer has a reliever medication with him/her. If he/she does and is still conscious, find the reliever and then have the person administer it him/her self so that he/she would know the amount of puffs to take in. Make sure that the victim is sitting down in a position that would not aggravate breathing during an asthma attack. Do not make the victim lie down. Also, make sure that the sufferer´s clothing is loosened.

To ready yourself in case an asthma attack breaks out, here are symptoms you should watch out for prior to an asthma attack. Knowing these symptoms is crucial as you can identify what needs to be done and how to administer treatment in case of an asthma attack. The symptoms are, excessive night coughing, constant shortness of breath during times of physical exertion, regular symptoms of runny nose, congestion and short breath, and intense wheezing after exercising

There are also the different stages for an imminent asthma attack. For pre-attack preparations it consists of medical consultations. A medical professional will be able to determine what exact asthma condition needs to be addressed and how to deal with it.

Post-attack approaches include further observation of the effectiveness of the prescribed medication and treatment. There will be some adjustments made in order to make up for any deficiencies. Asthma diagnosis requires extensive observation due to the different triggers and symptoms each person shows. Asthma attacks can range from the manageable to life threatening. Exact diagnosis or the triggers and the symptoms is crucial in order to be able to deal the an asthma attack properly.